A recent show at Hamish McKay Gallery, Girl’s Abstraction, included many familiar names for us.  An all female group show which demonstrated the connectedness of work from emerging to established artists – a wonderful concept. There were many highlights in the selection, but the work of Anoushka Akel had quite an impact on us.

Her worn down surfaces, sanded and brushed back feel loved like your favourite faded jeans. The patches of colour underneath read like clues to the works history. Scattered sections of the canvas rise up through the deconstructed painterly devices. Delicate but deliberate gestures rest boldly and untouched on top of the fabric like surfaces.

If you would like to see more of Anoushka’s work there is documentation of her show Hop Scotch with Kim Pieters at Art Space in 2012 on artsdiary.co.nz.

‘An historical painting and the narratives surrounding it act as extraction points for Akel’s intimately sized abstractions. Alternating between analytical and intuitive methods of production. The artist arranges and reanimates ‘found strokes’ in an attempt to bring forth an affect or quality akin to witnessing the insides of a painting.’

– Sue Crocker representation announcement, Sue Crocker Gallery Tumbler

We currently have these two works in our office and they are beautiful. Please feel free to come in and see them.



Biting at the rail (Blue), 2014



Biting at the rail (umber), 2014

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