30upstairs welcomes our new artist in Residence – Justin Jade Morgan

Justin Jade Morgan, French Pass, 2014, Acrylic paint on floor buffer with the painting activated by viewer

French Pass, 2014. Acrylic paint on floor buffer, with the painting activated by viewer


Auckland based artist and curator Justin Jade Morgan is a welcome addition to the residency programme here at 30upstairs. Justin’s practice dovetails between the development of project spaces, curated events, group collaborations, individual pieces and extended projects. He is interested in developing performative pieces, installations, drawings, audio and photographic works that explore the relationship between physical objects and life as performance.

For the month of his residency (September – October 2014) Justin will be experimenting with functional object paintings as well as works on paper. He will use, as reference, small mechanical domestic appliances that spin, whiz, fizz, whirl or pop. Justin will exhibit the results of his residency early in 2015. For more info and images of his work visit http://www.paulnache.com/justin-jade-morgan.




Untitled no.1, 2014. Digital photograph, ‘Found Light’ series.



No. 4 (Book and paint), 2014. Words and Tools combined


Justin is the director and curator of the ongoing collaborative project ‘Tools of the Trade’, which asks other creative’s to present a fundamental tool used in the development or making of their work. This growing archive forms a physical and visual guide to the tools used in the creative process, while also altering their original purpose. To view or become involved in the ‘Tools of the Trade’ project visit the website http://toolsofthetradeproject.tumblr.com/.

Justin has exhibited widely in New Zealand, as well as internationally. We look forward to working with him, learning from him, beating him at table tennis and seeing his project develop.



No. 2 (Book, paint and table tennis net), 2014. Words and Tools combined



If you have any old household appliances that you’re able to donate to Justin for his residency please contact us on 04 385 3334, or at info@30upstairs.co.nz


Justin Jade Morgan - %22French Pass%22, 2014 - Acrylic paint on Floor Buffer. Work activated by viewer. Image courtesy of Artsdiary

Image by Arts Diary
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