New artist in residence, Connah Podmore

This month, we warmly welcome artist Connah Podmore in the residency studio at 30upstairs.

Connah works in a multi-disciplinary way, using photography, drawing and writing to present small, intimate details of her surroundings. A few hairs left in a sink, cracks and textures of a wall can prompt Connah to produce works in series with minimal, poetic and often abstract sensitivities.

Seafoam copy

Seafoam, lazer print on fabriano, 2015


Through a process of re-writing and re-photographing, where each step inspires the next, Connah weaves her personal memories and perceptions with observations of the immediate space around her. As artist in residence here, she plans to apply this process to the studio, responding to the textures, smells, sounds and experiences she encounters at 30upstairs.

1 cutout copy

#1 (cutout), lazer print on fabriano, 2015


Connah will be in the studio until late June when she will present the outcome of her residency in an exhibition here. We look forward to working with her and seeing her work unfold.


Michael II-1

Michael II, Giclee Print on watercolour paper, 2015

Connah has a Master of Fine Arts from Massey University College of Creative Arts and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Art History from the University of Otago.


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