In the office, for a brief moment, were two new artworks from Art+Object. The auction house recently put together a catalogue which included New Collectors Art featuring 218 artworks. From Hotere to Harrison there was good slice of special sorts to bid for.

The first work is by Laurence Aberhart, an artist with whom all photography fans will be well aware of. Photography took a while to be recognised in New Zealand with the Sargent Gallery in Whanganui leading the way as one of the first collectors of the medium. Laurence Aberhart has had a lustrous career producing many iconic images and this weekend marks the opening his show at The City Gallery, Wellington. At 2pm on Saturday he will talking about his work and show, an event not to be missed.

Laurence Aberhart Interior: The Chapel of Guia Fortress, Macau, 30 November 2000

Laurence Aberhart Interior: The Chapel of Guia Fortress, Macau, 30 November 2000

Next we have a Tony De Lautour piece. Described as SS Pioneer, oil on found painting, 1999, his contribution is subtle and perfectly matched. So much so that it is quite difficult to determine exactly what parts are original and what has been a later addition. Look at the hut set back from the river, do you think that was there originally?  Maybe it was and he gently added the camouflage and reflection… What we do know about De Lautour’s work is his continual interest in colonisation, control and ownership of land. The strong political views and issues within De Lautour’s image are thought provoking and remain relevant 14 years on.

SS. Pioneer



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