Suite Gallery is one of our favourite contemporary art spaces in Wellington, consistently putting on exciting shows of early career through to established artists. It is always a rare treat to see a good group show with exciting artists that wouldn’t normally exhibit together, it is in that environment that Mal found one of our latest acquisitions. Roger Boyce, at the end of last year, exhibited at Suite gallery alongside Fiona Pardington and Wayne Youle.

You’ll do a double-take. Everyone else does. So small and so effective, such an illusion thats leaves you with a smile. What a Piece of Work is a Man is one in a series of four paintings where Boyce has skillfully painted an object and its reflection in the glistening lake below.  The studies and their stunning backdrops are a tease with the final resolution of the work to be large scale versions.

A painter and an art writer Boyce certainly carries some serious wit into his work, backed up by his entertaining musings on his blog . The site also functions as a diary of his studio practice where you can see enhanced replicas from the aforementioned show- that look incredible.

30 Upstairs currently has What a Piece of Work is a Man on display in our office and is definitely worth a visit before we rotate the artworks again.

Roger Boyce
What a Piece of Work, 2012
Oil on Board
220 x 310 mm

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1 Response to 30 UPSTAIRS COLLECTION: Roger Boyce

  1. Roger Boyce says:

    Thanks for the Ups, y’all. I’ll drop in and say hello when I’m up for the opening of “Rock to Hide My Face” @ Suite May 1. And/or come by the opening and I’ll ‘buy’ you a beer.
    Roger B

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