Artist Talk: Shaun Waugh

It’s always curious how the presentation of an artist work, to the artist, seems to be much less exposing than talking about. This may be a generalisation but it is common for artists to not function as well as speakers as they do painters, photographers, film makers etc. In an era of information overload the audiences expectations of the artist has changed. Making and delivering the work is, sort of, not enough anymore. So it was in that vein the 30 Upstairs added an artist talk to our current programme.

Last week, on one of our first wintery days, a small crowd escaped the rain to participate in an artist talk given by Shaun Waugh. The audience dispersed throughout Waugh’s themed rooms in Gallery 1 as the artist presented the ideas of his practice. Prepared well, the simple and cohesive explanation was delivered to very active audience. The dynamic dialogue evolved from a general discussion to a more academic conversation whereby many of the audience where happy to contribute.

Shaun covered concept through to the challenges of his medium, modern movements and his influences.  It was truly wonderful to be granted access to the more personal progression that an artist makes when preparing for an exhibition. He offered his thought process in relation to the space and hanging of the show which proved to be the most engaging description of the day. It was such a success that we hope to do more in the future. Thank you Shaun.


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