The newest piece to grace our office walls at 30 Upstairs is by Dutch born, New Zealand raised artist Arie Hellendoorn. A Massey graduate now residing in the Waikato, Hellendoorn’s work has over recent years become increasingly refined yet all the more complex and detailed. His usual subject matter is the human form, with a special focus on portraiture. Anatomical references combined with an almost macabre beauty, we are taken beyond the skin of his subjects and beyond the superficial.

Using mark making to rival dreamland paintings, as well as colours and patterns that remind you of the finest kimonos, his paintings are even better seen in the flesh. For some, the subject matter might not be obvious at first, more notable are the individual sections that comprise the whole; this is a special trait of Hellendoorns. To see them from afar or up close provides alternate viewing experiences.

Hellendoorn is represented by Suite Gallery in New Zealand and Sullivan+Strumpf in Australia. Feel free to pop in to see Uprise, 2013 in the flesh.


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