We’ve recently added a new work by André Hemer in the office of 30upstairs. The title New Smart Object Plus #12, gives a clue to deciphering this work which at first is arresting and uncanny.


André Hemer New Smart Object Plus #12 year: 2015 size: 818 x 614 mm media: acrylic, oil and pigment on canvas

It is definitely painterly; big bold brushstrokes cross the canvas in an abstract and expressionist style. The layers that overlap each other seem to have different textures making the work as an object quite tempting to touch. As you move closer, the thick paint impasto disappears and you realise how flat the work is. Hemer’s new series of work tricks you in a remarkable, new-age trompe-l’oeil – many hours spent not on mastering perspective with a brush, but on digitally layering the components of his works.

In New Represenation Part II, his recent show at Bartley and Co, Hemer demonstrated how he can disrupt traditional painting techniques by mixing it up with digital manipulation and printing; exploring the uncanny intersection of painting and digital print.

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