We would like to welcome our new artist in residence, Bridget Reweti.

We would like to welcome our new artist in residence, Bridget Reweti.

Bridget’s work presents new interpretations and ways of understanding the New Zealand landscape and is informed by Māori history and customary significance of outdoors sites. Her explorations of Māori narratives take form through a range of photography, moving image and performance.

Bridget Nan's

Nan’s 2014. Hand-coloured print on German Etching Paper, 195 x 290 mm.

During her three-month residency Bridget will produce a series of hand-coloured photographs and prints that respond to customary Māori narratives pertaining to navigation and landscape. She is interested in the idea of navigation as a basis for the works because it bridges customary narratives with contemporary understandings of living within urban environments.

Bridget holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Museums and Heritage from Victoria University and a Master in Māori Visual Arts from Massey University. Her last residency was at RM in Auckland in 2014. Bridget is also part of the collective Mata Aho, with whom she occupied Enjoy gallery in 2013 as part of their summer residency.

Earlier this year Bridget completed her Blumhardt curatorial internship with the Dowse culminating in the exhibition Nuku: Symbols of Mana, which connected the mana of several female artists.

Bridget’s work will feature in an exhibition in late July 2015.


bridget_what's your song

What’s your song? 2012. Framed hand-coloured print, 1200 x 1800 mm.


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