Not only a talented street artist, Jon Drypnz’s practice extends into sculpture, mixed media installations and more conventional forms of painting. He has a unique talent of representing delicate figurative shapes through fluid and sinuous lines that lean towards abstraction.

This recent painting in our collection seems in its interpretations, an abstract form, although the title, stilllife, insinuates the representation of perhaps a shopping bag dropped on a table. The work is also suggestive of a human figure, throwing its arms in the air, in the more familiar style of the eye-catching silhouettes painted by Drypnz on roller doors, fences and wall partitions of the city.


Drypnz - Utopian Ideas

Stilllife, Utopian Ideas of Repeated Routine, 2014, oil, alkyd medium on primed Masonite.


Drypnz’s aesthetic translates well across multiple mediums and in different contexts. Whether it’s on a building wall, in a busy city centre or in a tranquil gallery context, his work is always a pleasure to encounter and its strong social references to the everyday make it easily relatable. We recommend following his practice on rockpack.tumblr.com.

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