A recent addition to our collection, Suji Park’s mixed media work Anu, is like no other. Although the colour palette is similar to some of her best known works, the shape and materiality of her newest sculpture is not immediately recognisable.


Anu, 2014, pigment, gold leaf, tempera, mica, epoxy, plaster, fired clay, unfired clay, acrylic and garnet embedded in resin, plastic, perspex. Acquired from the Brett McDowell Gallery.

This direction Suji has taken, further abstracting form and texture, is very exciting. Anu is an explosion of colour and material, yet the gritty formation within is well contained by a perspex block, only revealing its intricate texture from one angle, much to the viewer’s satisfaction.

The transparent cubic form in which the meteorite-like mass resides is cracked and uneven, making it difficult to see through and highly reflective, almost prismatic. The complex tubular forms on top, at first glance seem out of place, but over time you realise they are an essential element of the work. This complex and fractured piece is mystical and evocative, and has fast become one of the favourites here in the office. Come up and have a look.

We look forward to seeing what Suji comes up with next.



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