30upstairs collection: Joe Sheehan, Screenshot 1

Joe Sheehan’s photographic prints from his recent exhibition Screenshots at Tim Melville Gallery, Auckland, are powerful and enigmatic. Our favourite of the works Screenshot 1 has a new home high up on our office wall and it is rather difficult to stop looking at it. Reminiscent of a sci-fi landscape, an underwater abyss or some form of crystalline structure, this visually compelling work keeps you guessing.


joe sheehan screenshot 1

Joe Sheehan, Screenshot 1, 2014.

Produced with the photographic help of Nigel Gardiner, these prints were developed from an earlier project in 2009, Slideshow, where Joe placed thinly sliced squares of translucent jade into a slide carousel then projected the image onto the gallery wall. For these new works Joe has lit the carved jade slides from one side, photographed the other, then magnified and printed them. The resulting range of these evocative images is extraordinary.


To see the full set of works visit the Tim Melville website:


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