Our new Artist in Residence: CAITLIN DEVOY

12sheddet copy

30upstairs warmly welcomes our new Artist in Residence Caitlin Devoy.

Caitlin is a Wellington based artist who recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Fine Arts from Massey University. She comes from a background of illustration, graphic design and writing – all of which inform her current mixed-media practice.

Caitlin says, “I am interested in involving the viewer in a creative process where they apprehend themselves engaging in both ‘logical’ and ‘illogical’ modes of interpretation simultaneously.”

We are very excited to watch Caitlin’s work progress from across the hallway. She is now engaged in making sculptural elements for her installation at 30Upstairs later in the year. We do not wish to ruin the surprise for you but here is a little idea of the interesting work she makes.

‘My work, Shed, was concerned with facilitating a mental state receptive to the perception of matter as animate. By isolating the viewer in a sensorially and psychologically immersive environment, which included a change in temperature and sound as well as scent, I aimed to blur the boundary between artwork and viewer and impact the viewer on conscious as well as subconscious levels.

My aim was to create a work which had both a sense of stillness and of animation, where inert matter is revealed as anything but.’   – Caitlin Devoy

5shed copy

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