It has been a wee while since we have shared the new pieces in our office but we have had an influx of super special works. The jaw-dropper with panels of powerful colour is too spectacular to pass by without inviting you all to come and view it for yourself.

The legacy Don Driver left on contemporary art in New Zealand will ripple through the generations to come. A self taught artist from Hastings, Don Driver’s approach to making work was groundbreaking, challenging and raw. His practise evolved through many mediums, a dynamic artist whose work could never be defined by a single genre or category.

Between 1970-74 Driver was creating relief paintings – far more ‘slick’ and acutely executed than his assemblage and collage works that he is well known for. There was a shift away from his use of found and ordinary everyday products to creating work which comprised of painted panels that sat at varying levels within a frame. These paintings continued to explore Driver’s investigation of the energies of colour, textures and shapes and how how they interact with each other.  Do the colours push? Do the panels recede? Vibrate? Merge? Squeeze? They don’t do much on a computer screen but if you are local or visiting Wellington soon please come and experience it for yourself.


Painted Relief 1972

acrylic paint, canvas, aluminium. 1375 x 1850mm

Don Driver painted relief

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