Our new artist in residence – Rebekah Rasmussen

30 upstairs would like to welcome our new artist in residence, Rebekah Rasmussen.

Rebekah works predominantly by hand using traditional drawing techniques and materials. Her works explore ideas of flux and change, order and chaos, and the relationship between our immediate environments, our bodies and nature

Rebekah says “Whether it’s producing a series of marks with an abstract result, a representational image or pushing the medium in ways that explore materiality and form, drawing for me is always at the root of my working processes.”

As well as using drawing to explore these concepts she uses non-conventional and everyday day materials to make installation pieces.

Rebekah plans to use her time as an artist in residence to experiment with larger scale works on paper, develop a series of graphite drawings on and carry out some preliminary tests for possible installation pieces. She has recently finished her BFA(hons) at the college of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington and has a young child. We look forward to working with Rebekah and seeing her work develop.







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