30 Upstairs is having a photography moment. A long time passion for Mal it made complete sense to dedicate all of our rooms to a medium with which he shares such an affinity. A few Thursday’s back we celebrated the opening of three shows all of whom are emerging artists working with photography. Their practices have no common theme; rather they are separate exhibitions showing diverse approaches to the medium.

The first artist in Room 1 is Breckon. Born in Wellington Breckon now lives in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Her ongoing research deals with themes of memory and human identity through belongings. Breckon photographically records domestic objects, deconstructing them into a blueprint format as if leaving a plan for future generations. The images depict the objects in their true scale a briefcase, cassette tape and album sleeve to name a few. 


Petra Stueben also features in Room 1 exhibiting photographically produced images sourced from her family archive. By relocating these personal images Petra explores how an image might change once removed from its original context.


Maria Sainsbury takes over Room 2 and the Video Room with her digital images printed on to mirror composite. Maria seeks to extrapolate traces of her interior experience of chronic pain by exploring a metaphorical and abstract vocabulary of photography and sound. Maria recognises there is no definitive language that can transcribe her subjective experience, but suggests that aspects might be conveyed through her photography. 


Our current exhibitions will come down earlier than usual next Wednesday 13th November, so we are extending our opening hours.

Sunday 10th 11-3pm, Monday 11th 12-5pm, Tuesday 12th 12-5pm

We hope this gives those of you who haven’t seen the show yet a chance to come down and have a look.

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