So, we have had a spring clean of sorts. The office has been re-dressed with new artwork acquired by Mal for his collection, ready for a more colourful existence as we (apparently) enter a new blossoming season.

Let us take you on a virtual tour to share some of the new works in the office beginning with one of Dunedin’s shining stars, Kushana Bush. It was over a year ago when we first opened and thinking back there has never been a moment when our walls haven’t been warmed by one of Kushana’s curious comedic scenes.

If you are already a fan you would have noticed the growth of Kushana’s visual language from series to series. Precise patterns that drape across naked bodies, folding, layering and bunching. Hair on hands, braces, plasters, glasses all add to the social quips and observational humour within her works.

twiglet-epiphanyOnce you have navigated through the autumnal hues it is time to link the loose limbs to reveal the qualities of each character. A face? A mask? A hand or an empty glove? Searching and gathering all the glorious details will leave you with your face pressed against the glass as these scenes require an audience in close proximity.

Mal has been collecting Kushana’s work for some time and these two works Twiglet epiphany (above) and Murmuring (below) were obtained from Darren Knight Gallery in Sydney at Kushana’s most recent show Last song in silence.

We look forward, as always, to the next round of Kushana’s paintings but for now we have two hung in the office which we invite you to come and see. You can follow Kushana’s work and up coming shows through her website kushanabush.com


Words by Jade Townsend

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