30 UPSTAIRS COLLECTION: Jan van der Ploeg

Jan van der Ploeg is a dutch artist whose geometric, smooth surfaced wall installations have been impressing audiences all over the world. Remodelling and reindexing everyday shapes and symbols into clean, crisp and contrasting illusions. Jan van der Ploeg started out painting the weary walls of Amsterdam, his hometown, now his work can be seen in some of the most prestigious galleries around the globe.

There is something so special about those artists who paint with such precision. Not a brush stroke out of place. Not a smudged edge or rogue pencil line. It can be quite mind boggling to see. How have they done this? What is the trick? It can’t be real, can it? Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely and Frank Stella share with Jan van der Ploeg the ability to  stimulate the senses with their structural simulations. Whether a wall or a stretcher the repeating patterns push the borders signalling that they continue beyond these limitations.

He is a master of scale and signs switching from concrete to canvas with true intimacy. Commissioned curved walls, staircases, domestic dwellings, pillbox pillars- breathing new form and suggestive space into conventional creations. We may not quite have an  entire wall yet but we do have one of Jan van der Ploeg’s canvas works. In his well loved partnership of black and white our most recent acquisition definitely leaves you wanting more. We invite you to come and see this piece along with more of our collection at 30 Upstairs.


Words by Jade Townsend

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