The 30 Upstairs Collection is personally picked by Mal and fundamentally comprises of New Zealand and Australian artists. The works are temporarily displayed in our office in a wonderful mixture that showcases established artists such as Tony De Lautour, Jason Greig and Peter Peryer next to emerging talent. Simon Attwooll, Tom Mackie and our recent artist in residence Emma Chalmers share walls with the aforementioned success stories to highlight the quality of these young creatives. The work not only holds it own but truly depicts the diversity of work being produced from recent New Zealand graduates.

It is always important to keep up to date with what is happening in contemporary art outside of our country as well. We are far away from many things but Australia is one place that can be a great source of inspiration and artists. Diena Georgetti is a very successful Australian artist based in Brisbane with a long CV of solo and group shows internationally. Her work has been exhibited in New Zealand with the help of Hamish McKay and Michael Lett and recently came up at auction though Webb’s.

This beautifully articulate depiction of her painting process is a wonderful insight into the strange yet brilliant life of an artist.

“In making these paintings a desperation is felt. In starting there is a yes, yes. Days pass, and disappointment begins. The painting isn’t as you need it to be. I take it with me through my day, and night life. I set it in the bathroom while I bathe. I arrange it amongst my interior furnishings, and invite social events for it to be present at. I look for it in the glow of the TV. I catch it in the mirror, all the while telling myself, ‘If you catch it unguarded, and you like it, it’s good. It’s a good painting.” 

Diena Georgetti, catalogue entry, 21st Century Modern – 2006 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art published by the Art Gallery of South Australia, 2006.
Diena Georgetti
Blok Plastik/Parlour
oil on wood
title inscribed and dated 2006; signed verso
490mm x 440mm

Words by Jade Townsend

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