His enthralling work has been enriching the arts since his Bad White Art exhibition in the mid 90’s was received with critical acclaim.  De Lautour won the Visa Gold Art Award soon after graduating from Cambridge University and has since continued to have a lustrous career with particular prominence in New Zealand and Australia. De Lautour’s earliest collectors have watched his politically driven pieces continue to remain relevant whilst his latest works continue to evolve taking on modernist abstraction.

Most recently Tony De Lautour’s paintings could be seen gracing the walls of our favourite coffee come art venue August. August has been showing artists in conjunction with Hamish McKay alongside their own curated ventures, lots of local legends and many new talented independently sourced.

30 Upstairs now has Untitled 5, 2013 in our office. A striking geometric piece that is part of a series of small paintings inside decorative frames. It is perched opposite an old pal, Waterfall 2, 2011 from Block Out The Sun exhibition at Hamish McKay Gallery last year. Please pop by and enjoy!



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