It seems, sometimes, that established artists have their ‘place’ and emerging artists have theirs. Both groups aspire to create exciting and challenging work that speaks to their audience.  For our current show  Fairways & Bunker we bring together two artists, two audiences and lots of game.

Sam Thomas, formerly of art space Snake Pit joined up with well known New Zealand artist Denys Watkins. Thomas is currently undergoing an artist in residence programme in Rarotonga where he is learning the traditional carving techniques of the area. He has already begun to implement some of his new skills creating jagged frames for his Mortein works (see below). The interactive works are open for the audience to play. Pinball games, initially made popular during a low economic period, provide fast fun in this show. Drop your dollar, roll through the range of ramps and battle the bumpers to win.

The two artists have taken over all three of our rooms. Watkins presents a combination of watercolours, prints and installations to compliment the common Croquet-esq games. Watkins depicts his father’s golf club throughout the show with particular success in a series of digital prints. Watkins brings experience and skill that can only be acquired through a vibrant career and a dynamic practice. A wonderful collaborative exercise between two like minded individuals and hopefully a cross-over that we will see more of.

Fairways & Bunker is on now until 6 April.

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