30 Upstairs has been trying hard to provide some kind of outlet for the incredible art being created in New Zealand. During a period where galleries are at full capacity there is no room for new artists on their books and sometimes not even enough room for the ones they have. For our first exhibition’s this year 30 Upstairs wanted to show its support to the dealer galleries and offer the space in conjunction with Michael Lett.

Highly regarded for his approach to exhibiting New Zealand art, Michael Lett and his Auckland based gallery became a collaborator in our two current shows. Eve Armstrong is a New Zealand artist who has a long list of international exhibitions and residences. Her crushed vintage pink palette has transformed Room 1. The arrangements ablush in the carefully lit installation spread throughout the three internal door ways.  Armstrong’s talent for creating stunning compositions continues through to her tile works. A series of collages on top of varying sized tiles provide an exciting visual exercise for the audience.  It is interesting to see the common threads within the mediums Armstrong explores.

Room 2 and 3 (the video room) belong, for the next week, to Campbell Patterson.  Patterson is English and gained his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, New Zealand. He boosts a very impressive exhibition portfolio especially throughout New Zealand and Australia. His work, for this show, includes a series of paintings done from directly from a computer screen. Patterson’s show is the second to embrace the atmosphere of the video room to enhance non-digital work.

The show is now approaching it’s final week and we encourage everyone to come and see it.


No Sleep (Mattress), 2013, Campbell Patterson
Oil on canvas
500 x 500mm

Words by Jade Townsend

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