Sometimes it can seem that art is not for everyone. Sometimes it can feel as though you can grasp one medium or one artist more than others.  It can appear to be ‘too complicated’, ‘too conceptual’, ‘too pretentious’… However, sometimes the thing that you’re staring at can stare straight back at you with such intensity that it dispels any doubt. And it becomes clear once more, that the reason we go to galleries, make art and want to understand it, is for those moments. It is with that same breath that I introduce Erika by Peter Peryer.

Is it the curious shadow against the wall whose angles spark similarities to the Eiffel Tower that inject such romance? The dreamy draped sheet so crisp and fresh that you want to join her. Preyer’s subject covers her face from the blinding light or possibly she is rubbing sleepy eyes. Sensual and intimate Erika is adored by the photographer, her husband. This portrait was part of an ongoing visual dialogue between Peryer and Erika documenting a very close relationship.

Peter Peryer is also known for his series on animals of which 30 Upstairs proudly has two on display bought from  ART+OBJECT eariler this year. The artist himself found his creative thread at a slightly more unconventional age bracket- in his 30’s. He had followed a more academic career up until that point completing a degree and becoming a teacher. The huge advances in the production of photography have had a major effect on Peryers’s practice. Colour and fasting printing techniques increased and diversified the artist’s output. Peter Peryer continues to enjoy a very successful career and invites you to follow his work through his blog.


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