When 30Upstairs opened its doors early this year with a collection courtesy of Mal Brow we were offered a snappy education into a dynamic New Zealand and Australian contemporary art scene. Ben Buchanan’s vibrating vinyl, Kate Shaw’s marbled mirrored landscapes and Laith McGregor’s sticky spinning head to name just a few. Such a stunning selection of works that it is impossible to pick a favourite but there were some that have been impossible to forget. Adam Lee is an artist living and working north-west of Melbourne. From a converted horse stable in the Macedon Ranges Lee finds the space to create work like this…

Original Camouflage was inspired by the biblical tale of Adam and Eve. On realising their natural state the pair use the growth which surrounds them to cover their naked bodies. Lee’s colour palette is so rich with his many hues of green and lifted perfectly by vibrant dashes of pink and purple. It all makes sense, the story, the colour and the intentions. So, how exciting to see that palette applied to portraiture in our new pieces pictured below.

Lee explores aspects of the natural and spiritual world and the ideas relating to faith. He draws upon a vast pool of sources such as music, film, literature but most predominately biblical narratives create the foundation to his concept. The figures stand somewhat alone but like in many of Lee’s paintings they are in good company. Look closely to pick out floating faces littered and layered like trapped ghosts. Simply beautiful painting which is here at 30Upstairs for out visitors to enjoy.

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