Like many of her successful peers Imogen Taylor is a skilled multi-discipline artist. Her creativity covers many forms from film to painting and music which has opened the space for curious crossovers. Taylor’s accompanying text to her recent show, written by her brother Rupert, demonstrates the fluidity between her interests and practice. A truthful tale of a young Imogen who manages to ruin her favourite AC/DC t-shirt was a refreshing approach to formal model. The last two years has seen Taylor enjoy a number of group and solo shows including regular exhibitions at Michael Lett, Auckland.

Taylor’s practice generally involves the combination of painted abstract forms that are interrupted, defined or decorated by selected objects. It has been her ability to make these foreign objects work within the confides of her small canvas’ that have set her apart. A pale green striped straw sits solemnly but with complete purpose in Tubes Tied, a work from her recent show Balls Deep.

At 30Upstairs Imogen Taylor is best known for her trademark straws and string constructions. It is these exciting aforementioned mixed media works which first spurned our interest in the artist and we continue to follow career with much enthusiasm. Included in our brand new office collection is Cliff Face, a recent acquisition from Imogen Taylor. The heavy hessian holds the stunning pigments beautifully as Taylor continues to offer clever compositions. Make sure to have a look when you visit next.


Imogen Taylor

Cliff Face, 2012

Acrylic on Hessian

318 x 267 mm

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