In a room full of absorbing and challenging artwork there is no escaping the stark gaze of Jason Greig’s morbid model. Her slightly cleft chin sits anxiously toward her throat with her hand outstretched to shield her torso. Where is she from? What has happened to her? Who is she?

The Goodbye Girl is a monoprint by Jason Greig and is the newest piece of artwork, freshly delivered and on view in our office space at 30 Upstairs. Greig is one of New Zealand’s finest printmakers. His work is heavily influenced by his experiences with music where he seeks inspiration from not only great song writing but the imagery that can come with that.

Greig is also influenced by literature and film that explore the more sinister parts of the untold, unseen and imagined. He believes that we are still yet to catch up with the nightmarish and haunting aesthetic of certain imagery from 19th Century. His work, at times, has explored the possibilities of using only black. And, with similar intentions to the scientist from Frankenstein, Greig created collages and creatures by photocopying and manipulating the forms over and over.

Jason Greig was born in 1963 and attended the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in 1982. At that time he specialised in engraving and it wasn’t until 1993 that he began to work with monoprints. He is very well respected and has enjoyed a very successful career. His work is housed in various collections such as Te Papa’s Contemporary Collection.

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